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momentum reports

Momentum Reports

Our Momentum Reports are an excellent way to keep your online initiatives accountable and moving in the right direction.

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Hiring Web Expertise

There are more web designers and developers around now than ever – learn how to select the best company or contractor for your business.

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Lead the Charge

Many companies are playing follow the leader as marketing budgets move towards online tactics – learn why your business should lead the way.

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Amazing, thank you so much! I just received the first bursary donation through the system you setup on my website. I can't express enough how grateful I am, thank you so much!!!–Kelsey Serwa, Olympic Silver Medalist

StickyConsulting is great to work with – fast and thorough turn-around on projects, creative ideas and solutions…they plain get it!–Kathleen Harvey, Tourism British Columbia

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with Sticky Consulting. Their dedication, foresight and ability to leverage calculated risk make them an asset to any organization. I look forward to witnessing their future successes.–Trevor Roald, QuickMobile

Working with Sticky Consulting showed me what the potential of the web can be. Their insight and ability to process data and create a profitable future for the company was amazing. They opened up doors I thought were not attainable.–Flynn Seddon, Big White Ski Resort

Sticky Consulting managed an online video campaign for the Kelowna Yacht Club's sailing school, which created the hype we needed! Lots of great comments and excitement about seeing our video!–Valerie Cloutier, Kelowna Yacht Club